George Allison Starks Bible

Submitted by Nancy Stuart Tinsley

The Bible of George Allison Starks son of George Black Starks and Elizabeth
Rager Starks. In the possession of Nancy Stuart Tinsley, Merced, California.

George Allison Starks was born 20th September 1843
Susan Sudie Oats was born 22 April 1844
Susan Elizabeth Allison (Allie) was born 25 Aug. 1869
Marion V. Stuart was born 5 May, 1860
Francis Stuart was born 10 Nov. 1890
Sudie Bowers Stuart was born 30 June 1895
Baby Stuart was born 11 July 1897
Marion Estelle Stuart was born 17 March 1900

George Starks Stuart was born 12 Nov. 1903
Mildred Stuart was born 26 Jan. 1909
The last entry is in the hand of Allie Stuart as George A Starks passed away
before the birth of Mildred, as are the following entries:
Nancy Bridget Stuart was born 6 April 1941
Mary Allison Stuart was born 16 June 1942
Sharon Amber Irene Stuart was born 24 April 1945

George Allison Starks and Sudie Oats were married 19 Jan. 1865
Susan Elizabeth Allison Starks and Marion Valerious Stuart were married 28
Feb. 1889
Sudie Bowers Stuart and Everett Hager were married 16 June 1919
Marion Estelle Stuart and William Adams were married 8 Nov. 1931
George Starks Stuart and Amber Irene Ford were married 29 June 1940

In the Bible I found a piece of Allie Stuart's wedding dress and a lock of
her hair and a white pansy pressed with them. I was told they were  there and
was amazed to find them.

Sudie Starks died 6 March 1870. (Buried Starks Cemetery)
Francis Stuart died 12 Nov. 1890
Baby Stuart died 11 July 1897
George Allison Starks died 2 March 1907. (Buried Starks Cemetery)
Mildred Stuart died 26 Jan. 1909
Marion Valerious Stuart died 22 March 1917

The last entry in the Bible is in the handwriting of my father George Starks
Stuart and it says
Allie Stuart died Sept. 11 1946

Marion Valerious Stuart was the son of Harvey A. Stuart and Amanda Elliott
Stuart. Harvey was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Bibb Stuart of Simpson
County. Harvey, Amanda, Robert and Elizabeth are all buried at Pilot Knob.