John Stewart Bible


Submitted by Sue Cooper

John Stewart's Family Bible, now in the possession of LaNelle Stewart Farris, Trenton, TX.   Bible dated 1850.

John Stewart and Elisabeth Humphrey was married the 5th day of Sept. 1815 

Samuel A. Stewart and Susan V. Alderson was married the 4th of October 1850 

David Stewart was born July the 27th 1831;

 Daniel I. Stewart was born July the 27th 1832;

 Louisa A. Stewart was born November the 13th 1827; Mary Stewart was born July the 29 1822 

Nolen Stewart was born December the 23rd 1821;  W.F. Clark was born December 24th 1821

 William D. Stewart died the 11th of July 1850  

Nolen Stewart and Olevia C. Lester was married the 1st of Feb 1852;

 Virgil A. Stewart was born January the 10th on Monday 1853; Virgil A. Stewart died the 5th of July 1853; 

Nolen Stewart was born December the 23th 1821; Olevia C. Stewart died 11th of Sept 1 (year torn off) 

On a small sheet of note paper attached in the center of the Bible: David Stewart, son of Nolen Stewart was born September 23rd, 1855; 

William I. McKelvis second son of Nolen Stewart (& Elizabeth Fogle, his wife) was born July 22nd 1857