Macedonia General Baptist

   On 15 November 1869, Macedonia General Baptist Church was organized when Elders M.B. Covington, M.J. Bonner and J.N. Joins met at Champ Beasley's home near Franklin, Kentucky. Elder Covington served as pastor, Elder D.J. Mayes as Deacon, Bro. J.N. Joins as Moderator and Bro. Champ Beasley, Clerk. At that time eleven confessions of faith were adopted.

     Meetings were held on the Saturday night before the fourth Sunday.  Although, no other records of the Church are available until 1918, it is known that Mrs. Eliza Yokley gave land for the Church and cemetery.

    Until 1944, only one service was held each month.  In 1944, Sunday School was held each Sunday morning and preaching the 1st and 3rd Sundays.  In 1959, full time services were started with services each Sunday and Sunday night, prayer meeting on Wednesday night and Conference the 1st Wednesday night of each month.

    The following pastors have served: Bro. C.H. Austin 1918, Bro. J.D. Lewis 1920, Bro W.W. Jones 1923, Bro J.A. Brown 1924, Bro. A.O. Collins 1939, Bro. W.M. Mallory 1940, Bro. Hobart Cook 1942, Bro. Howard Ditmore 1944, Bro. Harry Neagle 1947, Bro. Charlie Harper 1950, Bro. Haskel Akin 1956, Bro. Hobart Eaton 1958, Bro. Guthrie Gregory 1962, Bro.Charlie Harper 1964, Bro. Robert Thurman 1967, Bro. Haskel Akin 1974, Bro. Hobart Eaton 1981- January 1988. Bro. Hollis Pruitt served as interim pastor until August 1988 when Bro. Robert Thurman was again called to pastor the Church.

    Deacons who have served: J.D. Mayes, Marshall Hendricks, Joe Smith, Finch Hall, Clarence Biggs, Walter Russell, Raymond Flowers, Bobby Mayes, W.F. "Bill" Forshee, Jimmy Goostree, Charlie Atkinson, Tommy Britt, Leo Thompson, Earnest Summers, Billy Graves, Archie Crawford, Alonzo Putnam and Bobby Cook, Billy Jennett, Jerry Summers, Donald Goostree, Terry Towe, and Rick Patty.