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Sue  Cooper

      Welcome to my genealogical research site!

 We are now offering digital photography of cemeteries in 

Davidson Co., TN and surrounding counties. 

"Sue, Wow! Your cemetery photos are beautiful! I am delighted." Strickland, Stockbridge, GA; 2010

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         If you have a brick wall or would like to have your family line(s) researched, I can help.  I have almost 25 years experience specializing in South Central Kentucky and Upper Middle Tennessee genealogical research.  

I am a member of;  Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society and the  Simpson County Chapter DAR.

            During my time as President of the Simpson County Historical Society (5 years)., the Simpson County Archives was established.  I was very involved with all operations of the Archives getting our cataloging and preservation systems in place and working with patrons on a daily basis helping them to research our county records.   I  served as the Archivist for more than ten years.  I also helped to create and served as  editor of the Simpson County Historical Society's quarterly newsletter, "Jailhouse Journal". (still in publication)

           I was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in 1992 for my work in record preservation with the Simpson County Archives and Museum.

              I also host the Simpson County  KY GenWeb site.

          I served as Chairperson of the Publication Committee of the Simpson County Bicentennial Committee.  Our committee published "Simpson County History - Kentucky Bicentennial Edition"

         I have a large personal library and visit the TN State Library and Archives on a weekly basis.  I will make visits to surrounding county libraries and/or courthouses when necessary.

       Just  contact me for my rates and services which includes searching for missing heirs or estate research.    If you have need of my services, please contact me stating your problem and research goal.  You would also need to supply me with any notes and/or copies of research already completed and a check for the research time which you desire.  At the end of your specified time, I will supply you with a detailed report with analysis of the records found, photocopies of the documentation,  suggestions for further research, if needed and a statement of any balance (photo copies, etc).

      Contact me if you need assistance with a particular problem or area of research.  I will review your research and advise ways to find solutions to your problem.  My consultation fee is $65.00. 

           Please also keep in mind that I can make no guarantees as to just what information that I can find for you on your ancestors.  The records available vary greatly as to location, whether or not there was a courthouse fire, if your ancestors were land owners, etc.  Many factors determine what records might be available.  However, I pledge to make every effort possible using my expertise examining the available records to help you reach your genealogical goal. 

       You should know that while I am working on your research I am also working with other clients at the same time.  I have to divide my time accordingly among my clients and my home life and so it may seem like the hours that you chose could be completed very quickly, but they will not.  A research project can take me anywhere from 1-3 months or more to complete, depending on the size of the project,  how many clients I have at the time and what “life” brings my way.  I have no problem with keeping in touch with you by E-mail during the research.  I look forward to hearing from you about your research needs. ( I can supply references if needed )

       Located in  Antioch, TN  just outside of Nashville.

        cell phone:  615-337-0936

Just need a copy of a deed, will, death certificate or birth certificate, fill out this  request form and mail to me along with your check to request copies of records found at the TN State Library and Archives, TN Office of Vital Records or KY Office of Vital Records.

 Research Request Form 


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